Designer Shoes: Top Rated and My Favorite

Top Designer Shoes to Go With

The truth is, we all know a shoe lover. And if you claim to not know one, you may be the shoe lover yourself. Shoes have become one of the top level fashion staples in Western society, thanks to its gender neutral inclusivity. Any person can be a shoe connoisseur in this day and age with minimal judgment (unless you become a shoe shopaholic). Sports and the sporting goods brands such as Adidas and Nike paved the way for male shoe lovers, and the current trend in celebrity media has made it here to stay. However, women’s designer brand shoes will always take the cake for luxury status, price point, and excellent design.

The Famous Red Bottom Shoes: Christian Louboutin

One of the top designer shoe brands for women is Christian Louboutin. Many people may associate designer and luxury items with scarcity and being limited in amount available, but for this designer brand that is not the case. When looking at the Christian Louboutin website’s shoe section (women’s specifically), one can immediately see the large amount of shoes and styles ready to be bought. However, that does not mean you should dive in with your credit card in hand. The average price point of the large array of designer shoes tops over $1,000 US dollars. That doesn’t even cover the most expensive pairs of shoes that neared $6k USD. The range of designs, styles, and types of shoes may persuade one to make the investment, as this designer brand has a lot to offer. From classic and simple heels to spiked-out tennis shoes and crystal-covered pumps, Christian Louboutin has all the bases of design covered.


Another top shoe brand in the world of designer fashion is Chanel. Chanel is a designer brand that hits the top of the charts in most categories of designer fashion, not just with shoes. Its brand assures a high class product no matter what is being bought, from sunglasses to perfume, and their shoes are no different. Although the price point of the shoes on Chanel’s website don’t hit the highs that Christian Louboutin’s does, they still cost a pretty penny with the average price being close to $1000 USD. The styles tend to be more classic and representative of the modern trend in each shoe type, though some of the shoes break the mold as well.


Louis Vuitton is another designer brand that produces high luxury shoes. Their price point is slightly higher than Chanel’s, though some of their lower priced shoes on their website come out as a bit more affordable. Louis Vuitton is another designer that covers the entire gambit of fashion with what they produce. Their shoes express the elegance and iconic design that all products under this designer brand seem to have. It is no question then that their shoes would be any different.


Women’s shoes will always be a staple in designer culture and it seems that there will always be people who want to shell out for the best of the best shoes around, men and women alike.

Top Rated Handbags and Purses in my Opinion

Louis Vuitton is my Favorite Handbag!

Let’s face it, ladies—we like to be prepared when we go out. So even if we complain about the lack of pockets or depth in said pockets, if we were given the pockets we so covet, we would still decide to bring a bag with us. Just in case! For all the different types of women out there, there is a handbag perfect for the specific items she deems to be of great necessity. We all hope that our dream bags would be within our comfortable price points, but when it comes to designer goods, that is unfortunately not usually the case (unless you are financially blessed, obviously). It is still nice to dream of owning the “Perfect Bag,” so which designer brands have the biggest presence in the handbag arena?

Other Top Designer Bags

Chanel has everything designer covered. If you can wear it, they can make it—and they can make it with style. Clothing, jewelry, watches, perfume, make up, sunglasses, you name it. The brand’s handbags especially are a product of great interest to anyone wishing to own a designer product. Some have a classic simplicity to them while others look out of this world, ethereal or even futuristic. The prices have a vast range as well, though most people should expect to spend up in the thousands of US dollars to purchase one of these iconic bags. On their website, some even state that a request for the price has to be made before the item can be purchased, showing that not just anyone can click “buy” on a designer Chanel handbag.


Next on the list is Prada, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Prada’s association with designer handbags is well known in the high fashion industry and community. Prada designer handbags tend to stick with the classic and modern styles well known by many, but the colors and patterns and material used can differ widely. Some handbags are sleek, some fuzzy, and some rough-textured—there’s a little something for everyone. The prices, however, may not be. The average price for these designer bags tend to be in the mid thousands of dollars, though one on their website almost managed to top 20k USD at $17,600. If you are planning on purchasing one of these bags willy-nilly, then you may want to invest in a financial planner first.


Finally, My Favorite of all, Louis

Louis Vuitton is another designer brand known for their handbags, but they may just take the cake in this category. Not only is the price point of these bags hard to believe, so are some of the designs. Louis Vuitton’s designer bags don’t follow a set style or theme—some are modern, classic, bubble-gummy for a youthful touch, and even out of this world unreal. Some look like bags from a cyberpunk Middle Ages, and some are futuristic in a pristine, sleek white material. The prices, however, may keep one from impulse buying any of these handbags. With some hitting 35k USD, you may want to save up a bit before buying a piece of the Louis Vuitton designer brand.

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Designer Dresses: Past & Future

Designer clothing may not be a common item in most people’s wardrobes, but that doesn’t stop people from dreaming of owning an article or two of a piece of name brand fame. Chanel. Louis Vuitton. Gucci. Vera Wang. The list of top designer brands goes on and on. Some specialize in a specific type of product: clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.—and some handle the whole gambit of products. With so many brands covering so many different items, it makes it easy for any person to wish to own their favorite product backed by a big name designer. One article of clothing in particular is of such interest to people that it has its own feature on the red carpet before high-class awards events—the designer dress.

What do “Designer Dresses” look like?

Top designer dresses can be anything they want to be. There is no specific type or look or feel or guideline to making them. They range from short and barely there to long and elegant, reminiscent of a Lord of the Rings style gown. Some may cost a few payments saved up, and others may seem to cost an arm and a leg. Designer dresses are elaborate and minimalistic and seemingly plain and everything in between. Here are a few name brands that are attached to many of the top designer dresses of today.

Brands of Designer Dresses

Chanel designer dresses are a sight to behold, as are the prices. Many range throughout the early 1000s of US dollars, while others do not list any price, instead requesting that contact be made to know the price (so it must be pretty up there, we can assume). But if one is ever able to get their hands on a piece of this top designer brand, they won’t be sorry. A trip to a Chanel store or website shopping page is like browsing through a fairytale. The designs of the dresses are nothing usually seen out among the public masses, only the inside of magazines. It is no wonder, when viewing the Chanel goods, that this brand is a top designer of the most coveted dresses today.

prada logo

A similar sight can be seen when checking out the Prada brand designer dresses. Many people mainly know this designer brand for its accessories, which may explain why most of the clothing is very pricey. The dresses, just as with Chanel, range between $1,000 and $8,000 for those on sale.  A few of the finder brands: 

  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Hermes
  • Hublo
  • Gucci
  • Tiffany
  • & more!

Louis Vuitton also has a designer dress collection, which challenges the elegance and price points of Chanel’s line. The average price of a dress on their website is in the mid to higher 1000s USD, though a good handful top 10k USD and even a whopping 20k USD. At the higher prices, a phone call has to be made to inquire about purchasing the dress—a sign of high expense.  The designs of these designer dresses follow the trend of ethereal-seeming embroidery and a mystical elegance, to simple and classy vintage looks. Louis Vuitton dresses are surely a big name in this list of top dress designer brands.

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