How to Wear Designer Fashion and Department Store Vintage Jewelry

A good lot of people often stay within their comfort zone when it comes to designer fashion. However, for the true lovers of fashion, playing it safe can be boring. Being daring with your clothing and accessory choices are the factors which make an individual an icon and style setter. People have the right to explore and experiment with different clothing styles. The same can be said about accessories.

To keep track with trends, one does not really have to spend a mint on clothing every season. They can choose to have classics on hand and spice up their outfits with the right accessories. Furthermore, you will not need to invest in expensive designer fashion accessories and jewelry all the time. You can mix them up with department store accessories, vintage items or flea market finds. Here are some tips on mixing and matching accessories.

Mix and Match Tips

To get more gain from your jewelry and accessories, you need to be extra creative. Mix and match the items to fit clothing styles. Check your collection of designer fashion jewelry and accessories. You may have an assortment of those items at this time. They can be rings, necklaces, pendants, designer bracelets, and earrings.

Be more adventurous with your choices. You can wear flowy tops with funky sneakers in bright colors. Bright colors are a good choice if you want to heighten your fashion experience because most prefer safer colors like neutrals. Why not try pairing some Hermes scarves with a 70s-style skirt? The possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion. Remember, all you need is some creativity and you are set.

If you have some statement necklaces on hand, you can mix it up with a simple wardrobe. The statement necklace will serve as a final piece for the whole look. You can also opt for a pair of chandelier earrings instead of simple studs to spice up a fuss-free outfit. Pair the earrings with a minimalist necklace or choker in the same material, and you are good to go.

At times, you need to color outside the lines by combining jewelry and accessories in varying textures and styles. You can wear your trendy Birkenstocks with a little black dress from Marc Jacobs together with the Chanel Boy Bag. This goes for accessories as well. You can have those jangly earrings with those gem-encrusted bracelets. You can have fun just going through your collection of accessories and check out what ensemble will fit your outfit of the day.

Do you want to revamp your basics without spending a mint? Are you into taking your classic pieces to another level? Then go the bohemian route by pairing those items with boho accessories or bolder fashion jewelry items.

It is high time that you get out of your shell and enjoy yourself through fashion. Experiment and explore many different styles, styles that you thought will never fit you. Styles that at one point, intimidated you. Now is the time to discover them and enjoy them.



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Caring for Your Louis Vuitton Designer Purses

After buying your Louis Vuitton designer handbag, you tend to discard the box and throw away the tissue paper and the receipt. However, you must not do it if you intend to sell your  bag later. Most collectors do not buy collectible and rare bags if there are missing items and major condition issues. You will definitely have a difficult time selling it at the right time.

Clean your handbag

After each use, you must empty the contents of your luxury handbag. Then, if it is of soft leather or fabric, you turn it inside out then use a lint roller to clean the difficult to reach places. However, if your handbag is from grained, hand-pressed letter, you can wipe its exterior using an alcohol-free baby wipe or damp paper towel.

You use a dry paper towel to clean untreated or natural leather, or suede. If there are serious issues, you must bring your purse to a professional.

Stuff your luxury purse

After cleaning your handbag, put bubble wrap, a small pillow, or acid-free tissue paper inside to keep its shape. If there is exposed hardware, wrap it with tissue paper. This way, the hardware will not make imprints on your purse over time.

Cover your clean and stuffed Louis Vuitton designer bag

Your bag has a dust bag when you first bought it. Ensure that you put your clean and stuffed bag inside it. Nevertheless, if you lost your dust bag, you can use a neutral color, cotton pillowcase. Your handbag must fit inside the dust bag so that the former does not warp in storage.

If you have different expensive bags, you need to take them out of their boxes or dust bags at least once a year to air them. Also, never put your Louis Vuitton bags in plastic cases.

Separate your bags

If you have several luxury bags, ensure that you keep the hardware separate from each other. Storing bags with hardware touching each other will leave a mark. In addition, patent leather will discolor if you let it touch other things.

Take care your expensive bags

Do not hang your luxury bags because hanging distorts the handles’ shape.

Store your bags in its original box

If you threw away your bag’s original box, you could put your bags inside your closet. However, ensure that they sit on the shelf. The bag’s handle must not touch the top of the shelf. If you have a low shelf, you can lay your bag flat. If you have different bags, you can put a tag or note in the dust bag or box. This way, you can find what you are looking for easily.

Do not put mothballs on your shelf because they will cause your bags to age fast and can result in cracks. You may use a good brand of leather conditioner on your leather handbags at least once a year. However, you need to know that it may make your leather darker in color.  


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Introduce Class to Your Wardrobe with Louis Vuitton Bags

These days, competition is fierce in the fashion world. There are always new fashion and goods designers cropping up and wowing style lovers the world over. Nothing lasts forever in fashion if you are not innovative or creative; the ones who survive always have something new to offer or continuously produce merchandise that have unflaggingly high quality. One of those brands that have come a long way from its humble origins is Louis Vuitton.


The Value of LV Bags

LV bags are highly coveted in the fashion business due to its superior quality, timeless design and the finest workmanship. If we are going to talk about bags and luggage, LV will always be mentioned. They are pioneers when it comes to fine leather luggage construction. Because of those positive qualities, lots of women invest on those bags. They know it adds more appeal and style in their wardrobe and is a guaranteed fantastic means to finish a whole outfit.

LV still belongs to the top ranks of the most renowned high-end brands along with Prada, Fendi and Hermes. LV handbags in fact captivated the attention of the finicky fashion lover with its finesse, practicality and beauty. Individuals who have refined taste when it comes to fashion adore the brand and have complete trust on it. Celebrity ladies who endorse this brand are often found on the list of the most stylish that is why many women flock to this brand; they want to look as chic as those women toting LV handbags.

The bags are not only beautiful, classy and durable, they are also designed with enough space so you can throw and store all of your daily essentials in it. They are also designed to be user-friendly; that way you won’t have to grapple with the bag while on the move. Handbags from the brand are designed well and prove to have the best quality that it provides the women who carry the bag sufficient style, grace and class.

Having a great style and producing a well-honed fashion statement is something all people want to accomplish. Now it is pretty possible because of Louis Vuitton products. The brand not only designs bags and other sorts of luggage, but it has extended its genius towards fashion, accessories, footwear and jewelry. Now any person can be in total style with the help of such items. It will not only give you awesome style but a burst of confidence.

Because LV is a popular brand, it is not safe from counterfeiters. Luckily there are tips in which you can tell if a bag is fake. For one, you need to keep watch over those stitches and lining. Fakes have uneven lining stitching and the lining often comes with material other than the brand’s trademark canvas lining. Furthermore, LV handbags do not come with reduced prices. Lastly, the bag has to have that leather sapper smell that is very obvious in original LV bags. If you want the real thing, better head to the label’s official boutiques instead.

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The Continuous Rise of Designer Fashion Jeans

Designer fashion was whelmed during the end of the 17th century. It was only worn by the privileged and the elite classes. It is a means to tell the world about their standing in life and show off their affluence to their contemporaries. The elite went for styles that come with exaggerated features. Clothing was often made from expensive fabrics of that time like lace and silk.

The lower classes admired such creations though, and they sought out to copy what the elite wore. However, this only annoyed the privileged class so, in order to distance themselves from the lower class, they changed their styles frequently. They went for clothing designers who are capable of creating unique items. Thus, designer fashion was made. Designer fashion is not limited to frocks and suits at this time. Even regular jeans are given the high-end designer treatment.

The Story of the Humble Jean

Jeans were not considered fashionable until after 100 years. Back then, denim jeans were worn on top of clothing to safeguard them. It was considered a uniform of the working class. To further protect their work wear, they turned to wearing sturdy denim jeans. Cowboys often used this type of pants due to its durability. Because cowboys in movies often wore them, many loved the look and decided to sport them as well. The use of denim jeans then became a trend and turned into a fashionable piece.

In the 50s, wearing denim jeans signified rebellion especially for the youth. It became a staple for teens due to its functionality and rugged look. Denim jeans became a hit for youth culture, and lots of boys and girls began wearing them regularly.

Denim jeans even became more popular in the 60s during the height of the hippies and the counterculture. Because the sales of such items are at an all-time high, high-end brands knew something was lacking in the business. The creativity they have applied on their fashion creations were then put on the humble denim jeans. Designer jeans became regular sightings in boutiques and department stores.

Designer Jeans in this Day and Age

There are plenty of designer brands these days that produce their own line of jeans. You have old guards like Calvin Klein. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani also invested on the item and frequently design jeans for both men and women. These designer jeans are now in competition with regulars in the denim jean industry like Levi’s and the Gap.

Styles and prices for designer jeans differ between brands. You can purchase them online or drop by boutiques. Designer jeans often come with impeccable construction, great fit and excellent materials. They also last for a good while.

If you want designer jeans for cheap, you can watch out for seasonal sales. You can also get good discounts on some online retailers and shops. All you need is some research and check out several stores. The great thing about denim jeans is they never go out of style. It is a classic piece that you can wear anytime, regardless of what trends are hot at the moment.



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The Significance of LV Bags

One of the most well-known fashion houses in the world today is Louis Vuitton. In the beginning, the brand only made luggage made with high-quality pure leather but through the years, the label slowly expanded its lineup of products and has now become a bona fide fashion house by including clothing, accessories, jewelry and footwear on their line.

Louis Vuitton handbags are coveted throughout the world. If you own one, it means you have refined taste in bags. The bags made by the brand have superior aesthetics, durable, displays great craftsmanship and prime materials and come in designs that have a timeless feel. It is a not a wonder why people invest on LV bags.

High-Quality Bags

Lots of people want to get more information about LV handbags. The label designs and produces a good range of bags from the aforementioned handbags, shoulder bags and even waist bags. The bags complement both men and women. You can find these bags in the label’s official stores and luxury houses. The leather and other materials used on the items all have impressive quality that lasts for years.

The bags are not only waterproof; they are fireproof too. In the business, it can be hard looking for a bag that has those qualities. However, Louis Vuitton managed to do just that—even though it comes with a higher price than normal, you will be guaranteed that the bag will stay in top form due to its materials, quality and workmanship.

The Problems of Counterfeiting

Because LV products are so popular, it has caught the eye of counterfeiters. To this day, you will see plenty of fake LV handbags in the market, sold by dubious sellers. Due to advanced technology, making counterfeits has become more sophisticated too that it can be hard to tell which among the lot are the genuine ones. Only ones with an expert eye can tell the authentic from the fake.

There are some clues though wherein you can determine a bag is a fake. For one, bags from the company come with fixed prices. Shop owners never reduce their prices. Another clue would have to be the appearance of the bag. The leather smell of the bag is significant in original ones while the fakes do not come with them.

In terms of the stitching and lining, the lining from genuine LV bags are flexible and made with canvas, not suede. Furthermore, customers have to check the symmetry of the monogram prints. If the monogram print is not even, then chances are the bag is fake.

LV bags are something you can wear over and over again despite new trends cropping up each season. These trends come and go but an LV bag will remain in your radar forever due to its classic design. This is the reason why many opt to purchase high-end pieces with a timeless appeal compared to pieces that are only hot for a particular season. With Louis Vuitton, you are not only guaranteed with high quality items, but pieces that are capable of standing the test of time.

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Artistic Director Kim Jones Leaves Louis Vuitton

The artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s men’s line left the luxury brand. His last collection was shown in January 2018. People were speculating that he would move to Burberry.

According to Louis Vuitton Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Burke, Kim Jones was able to set trends, and his determination and talent ensured that the luxury brand is the top brand in luxury menswear.

Kim Jones before Louis Vuitton

In 2002, John Galliano bought Kim Jones’s collection upon graduation from Central Saint Martins. Then, in 2003, Kim Jones launched his label during London Fashion Week. In 2008, he joined Alfred Dunhill, a British menswear luxury brand, as creative director. He also closed his own business under his namesake label.

Kim Jones debuted in Paris in July 2004. However, he had his first catwalk collection at the London fashion week in September 2003. He also worked as Stylist and Art Director for Arena Homme +, Dazed & Confuzed, Fantastic Man, Numero Homme, the New York Times T-Style, Another Magazine, V Man, 10 Men, and i-D magazine.

The Creative Director Stint of Kim Jones in Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton recruited Kim Jones in 2011 to design the brand’s menswear. Under Kim Jones, the men’s division had the distinctive streetwear consideration on luxury. Kim Jones was able to help boost worldwide sales of luxury wear through his high-end streetwear.

Kim Jones had a project with Dinos and Jake Chapman. Then, he collaborated with Supreme. Drake even wrote an original song for the soundtrack of Jones’s show. He was able to mix luxury and streetwear and rejuvenate the brand’s menswear to cater to a younger audience.

Because of these, the name of Kim Jones became one of the names floated to take the role of a high-profile creative director of different luxury brands. In fact, he was rumored to be in talks with Versace and Burberry. As for his replacement at Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh of Off-White seems to be a favorite. However, when interviewed, Virgil Abloh was clueless about his possible transfer to Louis Vuitton. Also, the Louis Vuitton spokesman declined to comment about Mr. Abloh.

A possible stint with Burberry designing women’s wear?

Even if Kim Jones had no experience in designing women’s fashion, Burberry might be interested in him because he was able to make Louis Vuitton relevant today. At this point, Burberry needed someone who can deliver a product that echoes its digital marketing success.

Burberry’s revenue decreased by 2% in 2016. Operating profits were down by 21%. For the first six months of 2017, revenues were up by 4%. Operating margin was up by 14%. This is because of the deal with Coty.

Christopher Bailey will leave Burberry in March. Jones is one of the names being floated as Bailey’s successor. He is not the only one to leave a job recently. Phoebe Philo left Celine while Jonathan Saunders left Diane von Furstenberg.

Last year, there were news reports that said that Kim Jones was negotiating with Donatella Versace as her replacement as Versace’s creative director. When asked about Kim Jones, Julie Brown, Burberry’s chief financial officer, declined to comment on speculation about the designer. Also, Versace did not comment.



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LV Dog Collars: Luxury for Your Pooch

You have chic and elegant taste when it comes to fashion. You make sure to wear the latest trends, but only the ones that complement your aesthetic and style. You are classic all the way though so when it comes to high-end items, you go for ones that are practical yet utterly classy, timeless and refined. This is where Louis Vuitton enters the picture.

People trust the LV brand because of their high-quality products and lasting appeal. It has become the industry standard. The label makes use of only the finest leathers and canvas in the business. The brand started out as a company who makes luggage for the upper class but has since branched out to other items like clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes and even launched a luxury goods conglomerate along with Moet-Hennessy. To this day, the brand seeks to raise the bar even further when it comes to luxury items.

High-End Accessories for Pets

If you love high fashion, then it is a no-brainer for you when it comes to your beloved doggy’s accessories. Designers this time around are now focusing on releasing glamorous accessories for dogs and cats. So when it comes to chicness, your dog can be elegant as well by way of luxury pet items from LV.

LV has included pet items in their lineup now. The brand recognizes the love and appreciation people have for their pets and it is especially heartwarming to see them launch a line for customers who love their dogs and felines. Yes, there are plenty of more affordable options for pet accessories in the market but if you want to go all out and share your love of luxury with your pet, you cannot do better than giving your pooch the gift of LV dog collars.

The brand has been in the market for a long time so despite the higher price of their dog accessories, you will know that these items will come in a good range of styles. Due to the bigger selection, you won’t have any problems looking for the best collar for your doggy. You can get a dog collar for your pet that will match what you wear, too.

Dog collars from Louis Vuitton are of course refined and elegant however there are some which come with a traditional style. Some of the models come with trademarks while several are given more exclusive designs. The collar can be produced out of a well-ordered fabric or it may come with prints or graphics on it. If you want something plain, you can also go for something that has not imprints other than the brand’s monogram.

LV dog collars are made from the company’s high-quality fabrics and this is what sets them apart from the ordinary bunch of dog collars commonly found in the market. Designer materials from the collars are similar with the materials used on the company’s bags. Apart from collars, LV also produces other pet accessories like dog carriers and leashes.

There are people who will say things like spending a mint on dog accessories is a waste since there are cheaper alternatives out there. But if you love your dog, nothing trumps that feeling of sharing your love of luxury with one of the most important beings in your life; your precious pet.

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The Reality of Wearing Designer Knockoff Accessories

If you think fashion is only limited to shoes and clothing, you are unfortunately mistaken. Read up on your fast fashion facts, and you will learn that accessories play an important role in creating looks as well. Designer fashion houses have always included accessories in their product lineup. Chanel has one, and so does Gucci, Alexander McQueen, and Michael Kors.

Fans of designer fashion often consider the types of accessories that would go well with every look they create. These accessories range from sunglasses, bags, jewelry, scarves or hats. They are considered crucial items that can make or break an outfit. There are a few who consider it not that much of a priority. However, for people who are invested in these items, they know which styles and brands to go for.

The Arrival of Knockoff Accessories

Due to the popularity of designer fashion and advancements in technology, many branded knockoffs were made. Back then, these knockoffs are quite poor in terms of construction and have a look that easily singles them out as a mere knockoff. However, because of the technology we have today, knockoffs can easily appear like the branded items they are aping. People cannot easily distinguish a counterfeit piece from the real thing these days.

Designer knockoffs are used by some people because they are cheaper and easier to acquire. There are sellers online which provide these items. There are also smaller stores offline which sell them. Thus, they are accessible, unlike real designer accessories.

People who have a keen eye for fashion can easily see spot a knockoff from the genuine article. They will notice the lack of accuracy in terms of seam work. The product will also display a lack of designer embellishments. Regardless of how you look at the designer rip-off item, these things will always display features that tell they are not the real ones.

Disadvantages of Counterfeit Items

People who prepare these imitation pieces do not really comprehend the worth of investing in the real thing. In this times when the majority of the intellectual property is misunderstood and overlooked, it is crucial for consumers to give the nod to the output of today’s brilliant, most creative minds in fashion.

The prevailing presence of counterfeit items is worrying because some high-end designers also produced fashion accessories at reasonable prices. There are also online boutiques where these accessories come with big discounts.

Designer bags for women can be found on closeout sites and at times have lower prices care of brief sales. If you want to get a hand on such items, you can also wait for seasonal sales. Some high street brands offer sales at the end of every season so consumers will get the chance to own pieces at a price they can afford.

Fashion is not the territory of the rich and famous at these times. Designers today are more inclusive—they now offer clothing lines that have prices that are more accessible. They make collaborations with affordable brands like H&M. People are given a chance to be as fashionable as they want to be, so to consider buying knockoffs is such a ridiculous idea. There is a wealth of affordable, trendy fashion that you buy without breaking the bank.


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Louis Vuitton: The World’s Most Trusted Luxury Brand

If you keep track of your high-end brands, then Louis Vuitton is often included in your top list. It is one of the world’s superior supplier of fashionable and chic leather goods in the world. The brand was first established in France in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Due to the high quality and elegance of LV products, the brand became an industry standard and to this day, the bags and luggage from the label are believed by many as excellent investments.


A Classy Brand

When it comes to products, consumers want something that has great quality and will provide plenty of value for their money. Louis Vuitton is a stickler for superior quality so the brand makes sure to only utilize the finest pure leather they can get their hands on coupled with prime components and the best workmanship. It also makes use of the canvas material, a material that has made the label more reliable than ever. LV bags are made with a layer of waterproof PVC which makes it appear new and adds durability.

Apart from the quality, the fact that the upper class and the famous have complete faith in their products is also what made the brand something that consumers will approve of. They know that despite its higher price, they will get their money’s worth and acquire bags and luggage that will last a lifetime. The label has more than a hundred years’ worth of history attending to the needs of blue bloods and celebrities.

In the modern times, LV has finally decided to take in more modern elements on their lineup of products. While they still release products with a classic aesthetic, they now design bags and items that can cater to younger generations. During the 100th anniversary of the LV Monogram Series, the brand requested 7 designers to create limited edition styles. Louis Vuitton hired the likes of Marc Jacobs to take over some designs. Eventually, the brand widened their array of merchandise and finally released some clothing pieces.

LV makes use of excellent marketing capabilities by using prominent names in the fashion and entertainment fields. Famous models and actors were requested to take in endorsements from the brand. Popular models like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell modeled for the brand. Singer Jennifer Lopez was also given an endorsement while actresses Scarlett Johansson and Uma Thurman served as the faces of the brand for a few years.

You will see their advertisements every month on the hottest and most fashionable glossy magazines. Their It bags are often seen on the arms of celebrities and people who want to become icons of refined taste. The rich together with the famous have turned the brand into this popular high-end label which stands side by side with other luxury labels like Gucci, Hermes, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and Fendi.

LV is not a trend. The brand makes careful decisions when it comes to their designs and campaigns. They do not cater to trends all the time and make sure to release only pieces that have a classic touch so people can wear them regardless of the latest trends on the runway. To guarantee that people can wear them all the time, those pieces had to have the finest quality. LV products are so durable that coupled with proper care and maintenance, they can last for years and years. In fact, you can pass them to your offspring if you take great care of the items.

Other than leather goods, the brand has branched out to fashion, accessories, leather shoes, jewelry and even wines and media. Truly, LV is a brand that works hard and focuses on bringing nothing but the best when it comes to their craft.

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Why Designer Fashion Bags Are Excellent Investments

Bags are a great accessory. Almost all bags have excellent designs but most important of all, they serve a great purpose. Bags are used to contain all of the essentials that we carry along for work and play. It keeps those items safe. Some individuals choose to go for budget-friendly bags while there are some who appreciate investing in high-quality designer bags. Among the two though, investing in high-fashion pieces is most recommended. Learn why by reading the rest of this helpful article.

Designer Bags as Investments

For lots of women, selecting the right bag can be a bit of a challenge. There are many bags being designed and sold every minute. They vary when it comes to sizes, designs, materials, and functionality. However, a great deal of women agree that spending more on a designer fashion bag is considered the better decision.

If men love buying fancy gadgets, watches, shoes, and cars, women are into clothing and bags, especially designer bags. Each woman has a preference in terms of style and materials, so the options for bags are bound to vary too. For women who want high-quality pieces, they flock to designer brands. Designer fashion bags are not only beautiful and elegant, but they are also quite sturdy and produced to last for a long time.

Designer brands would never, ever sacrifice when it comes to quality. The fashion house ascribes their names and labels on the bags they design and produce. These brands believe it unthinkable to compromise the quality of their products. They make their bags with the best materials the world has to offer. They also hire skilled craftsmen to produce them. You can see the quality and hard work done on every bag through the construction of the product.

Furthermore, the latest designer fashion bag also allows them to keep up with the trends. Like clothing, bags also complement seasons. It is an accessory that has form and function. It is not merely eye candy, or a means to finish a look. As mentioned earlier, bags have a purpose, and it is to contain the items one needs to get by through the day. Hence, if you want something that will effectively keep your items safe, designer fashion bags are the way to go due to their durability and fine construction. It will not fray or get ripped easily to the quality of materials and production.


It is not only the quality that women appreciate in a designer bag. Another reason is that it also becomes a sort of spokesperson for their fashion taste and status. If you own the hottest bag in fashion today, it means you are a constant style setter and taste maker. You try to keep up with the latest in trends and succeed in doing so. Bags elevate your status in fashion society, and it also complements your overall look. Whether you sport the latest in casual handbags or evening bags, owning the current design of a designer fashion house instantly provides plenty of style points for you,

Therefore, those are the reasons why a lot of women consider designer fashion bags. Despite the steep prices, they make these ladies happy, and it satisfies their craving for great fashion. 


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