Caring for Your Louis Vuitton Designer Purses

After buying your Louis Vuitton designer handbag, you tend to discard the box and throw away the tissue paper and the receipt. However, you must not do it if you intend to sell your  bag later. Most collectors do not buy collectible and rare bags if there are missing items and major condition issues. You will definitely have a difficult time selling it at the right time.

Clean your handbag

After each use, you must empty the contents of your luxury handbag. Then, if it is of soft leather or fabric, you turn it inside out then use a lint roller to clean the difficult to reach places. However, if your handbag is from grained, hand-pressed letter, you can wipe its exterior using an alcohol-free baby wipe or damp paper towel.

You use a dry paper towel to clean untreated or natural leather, or suede. If there are serious issues, you must bring your purse to a professional.

Stuff your luxury purse

After cleaning your handbag, put bubble wrap, a small pillow, or acid-free tissue paper inside to keep its shape. If there is exposed hardware, wrap it with tissue paper. This way, the hardware will not make imprints on your purse over time.

Cover your clean and stuffed Louis Vuitton designer bag

Your bag has a dust bag when you first bought it. Ensure that you put your clean and stuffed bag inside it. Nevertheless, if you lost your dust bag, you can use a neutral color, cotton pillowcase. Your handbag must fit inside the dust bag so that the former does not warp in storage.

If you have different expensive bags, you need to take them out of their boxes or dust bags at least once a year to air them. Also, never put your Louis Vuitton bags in plastic cases.

Separate your bags

If you have several luxury bags, ensure that you keep the hardware separate from each other. Storing bags with hardware touching each other will leave a mark. In addition, patent leather will discolor if you let it touch other things.

Take care your expensive bags

Do not hang your luxury bags because hanging distorts the handles’ shape.

Store your bags in its original box

If you threw away your bag’s original box, you could put your bags inside your closet. However, ensure that they sit on the shelf. The bag’s handle must not touch the top of the shelf. If you have a low shelf, you can lay your bag flat. If you have different bags, you can put a tag or note in the dust bag or box. This way, you can find what you are looking for easily.

Do not put mothballs on your shelf because they will cause your bags to age fast and can result in cracks. You may use a good brand of leather conditioner on your leather handbags at least once a year. However, you need to know that it may make your leather darker in color.  


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