Is Your Louis Vuitton Designer Handbag Fake?

If you are most people, you surely want to own even one authentic Louis Vuitton designer purse in your lifetime. However, the problem is that you are not sure if what you are buying is authentic or not. To the untrained eye, knockoffs will surely fool a person.

Thus, you must do your research. As counterfeiters are becoming more and more skilled, you must not be fooled. Websites that sell Louis Vuitton products must be accredited sellers of the luxury brand.

Buying new Louis Vuitton handbags

The official Louis Vuitton website is the only site authorized to sell its new handbags. There is no other site permitted to sell them. Louis Vuitton does not even sell the handbags on wholesale. Also, Louis Vuitton stores around the world sell the luxury brand’s authentic products.

Is your monogram Louis Vuitton authentic?

If you want to buy the luxury brand’s handbag on eBay, you must realize that there is a greater possibility that what you are looking at is fake. First, a cheap looking tag on a bag means that it is fake. A tag with a string with LV plastic mark or a logo cut out signifies that the handbag is a knockoff.

Authentic Louis Vuitton products have dust bags in the standard logo. They do not come in cheap dust bag material.

Authentic vs. Knock Off Louis Vuitton Designer Products

Known for using different textiles as bag lining, Louis Vuitton uses microfiber suede, tone-on-tone polyester, cross-grain leather, fine micro monogram textile, or canvas lining in honey or red. Unscrupulous individuals rarely pay attention to the purse lining. More often than not, they use cheap brown or tan suede, or plastic in the bag’s interior.

The classic monogram collection has oxidizing natural cowhide leather, which turns to dark golden honey over time. Louis Vuitton never uses plastic. If you want to buy a limited edition Louis Vuitton, you have to check its official website. If it is not on the website, it is not authentic. Also, for the conventional monogram design, if you have doubts, better not buy it.

Even if it has the LV logo, it does not mean that it is authentic. A bag with LV logo, but of bad quality, is definitely a knock-off. If it is not in the Louis Vuitton website, it is a fake. All LV hardware in gold and brass. Fake ones are in gold-painted plastic.

Authentic Louis Vuitton designer purses have LV neatly imprinted on the zippers. Such minor details will help you decide if you are buying the authentic bag or not. The LV on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag is always aligned. The pattern is always proportionate and not tilted.

Louis Vuitton ensures that each product it sells is of high quality. Otherwise, it never reaches the stores because flawed products are destroyed. If you want to ensure that you are buying the authentic Louis Vuitton product, just go to its boutiques or official website.


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