Louis Vuitton Designer Handbags to Choose From

Louis Vuitton is world-renowned for the most luxurious brand of bags and purses. Aside from it being expensive, it can produce the best-selling designs each time. If you do not follow the luxurious bag market, you may find it intimidating to shop for LV bags. In fact, you may not even know the names of these handbag models.

The Alma Bag

Introduced in the 1930s, the Alma is still available in various fabrics, colors, and sizes. The BB size is sensational with an optional crossbody strap and shrunken proportions.

The Capucines Bag

Unlike the Alma bag, Louis Vuitton introduced the Capucines at the time when the brand wanted to promote its leather business with its top-notch canvases. Since then, the Capucines continues to thrive even when Louis Vuitton changed its creative director.

The City Steamer Louis Vuitton Designer Bag

In 2016, Louis Vuitton finally introduced City Steamer as a competitor of Hermes’s Birkin. Currently, the City Steamer has different variations like the east-west and mini versions. In fact, it may produce more variations in the future.

The Lockit Bag

First released in 1958, the Lockit has undergone redesign twice. The first redesign was in 2006, and the last one in 2014. It is still possible to buy the 2006 Lockit version in various materials and sizes. However, the 2014 Lockit version is more popular. It is also known as the Soft Lockit because of its slouchy leather look and feel.

The Montaigne Bag

The Montaigne is not popular outside the LV fan circles. Nevertheless, as a bag lover, you have seen this bestseller for sure. The Montaigne bag is available in supple Monogram Empreinte leather and sturdy Monogram canvas. It also comes in different colors and sizes.

The Neverfull Bag

Introduced in 2007, the Neverfull is a favorite, useful bag. It is roomy and lightweight but can accommodate even your laptop.

The Noe Bag

Created in 1932, the Noe was a concession with a French Champagne producer, who asked Louis Vuitton to make a bag that can carry five bottles of champagne. Today, it can carry not only bottles but different kinds of stuff too.

The Petite Malle Bag

As one of the first creations of creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, the Petite Malle is a trunk-inspired bag.

The Pochette Accessories

Anyone who wants to collect Louis Vuitton bags can start with the Pochette Accessories, which is a tiny and affordable bag for a night out. The Pochette Accessories can also carry small things when traveling.

The Pochette Metis Bag

Introduced in 2012, the Pochette Metis did not gain popularity until 2015. Since then, it has been the most discussed Louis Vuitton designer bag in different forums.

The SC Bag

Released in 2007, the SC bag was a product of collaboration with Sofia Coppola, the filmmaker. Also, with the help of Coppola’s celebrity friends, it became popular and successful. Today, the SC bag is still attractive to women because of its classic and chic design.


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