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I truly love all things designer. I mean, they are just so awesome. Truth be told, I enjoy being blingy. It allows me to express myself and kind of show off to others (yeah, I know, that might not be the best thing).
But, I love Designer things so much I figured why not start a website where I can talk about my favorite designers? Good Idea, right? So here it is, my first shot at doing reviews or designer hand bags and trying to keep my readers updated on the latest Louis Vuitton and other designer brands news!

a person carrying a louis vuitton designer handbag

The Latest Louis News

I am going to try and keep you all updated on what are the new trends monthly in the Louis Vuitton Collection. I will also have product reviews and some other cool stuff, so make sure you definitely follow along! I am an avid designer bag collector and I think I now have over 500 bags in my collection. Some may say it’s a problem, but I look at it as more of a hobby. Got to spend it while your living, right?

Anyways, if you have any specific questions for me you can always hit me up! Or shoot over to my contact form and I will be sure to message you back!
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