LV Dog Collars: Luxury for Your Pooch

You have chic and elegant taste when it comes to fashion. You make sure to wear the latest trends, but only the ones that complement your aesthetic and style. You are classic all the way though so when it comes to high-end items, you go for ones that are practical yet utterly classy, timeless and refined. This is where Louis Vuitton enters the picture.

People trust the LV brand because of their high-quality products and lasting appeal. It has become the industry standard. The label makes use of only the finest leathers and canvas in the business. The brand started out as a company who makes luggage for the upper class but has since branched out to other items like clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes and even launched a luxury goods conglomerate along with Moet-Hennessy. To this day, the brand seeks to raise the bar even further when it comes to luxury items.

High-End Accessories for Pets

If you love high fashion, then it is a no-brainer for you when it comes to your beloved doggy’s accessories. Designers this time around are now focusing on releasing glamorous accessories for dogs and cats. So when it comes to chicness, your dog can be elegant as well by way of luxury pet items from LV.

LV has included pet items in their lineup now. The brand recognizes the love and appreciation people have for their pets and it is especially heartwarming to see them launch a line for customers who love their dogs and felines. Yes, there are plenty of more affordable options for pet accessories in the market but if you want to go all out and share your love of luxury with your pet, you cannot do better than giving your pooch the gift of LV dog collars.

The brand has been in the market for a long time so despite the higher price of their dog accessories, you will know that these items will come in a good range of styles. Due to the bigger selection, you won’t have any problems looking for the best collar for your doggy. You can get a dog collar for your pet that will match what you wear, too.

Dog collars from Louis Vuitton are of course refined and elegant however there are some which come with a traditional style. Some of the models come with trademarks while several are given more exclusive designs. The collar can be produced out of a well-ordered fabric or it may come with prints or graphics on it. If you want something plain, you can also go for something that has not imprints other than the brand’s monogram.

LV dog collars are made from the company’s high-quality fabrics and this is what sets them apart from the ordinary bunch of dog collars commonly found in the market. Designer materials from the collars are similar with the materials used on the company’s bags. Apart from collars, LV also produces other pet accessories like dog carriers and leashes.

There are people who will say things like spending a mint on dog accessories is a waste since there are cheaper alternatives out there. But if you love your dog, nothing trumps that feeling of sharing your love of luxury with one of the most important beings in your life; your precious pet.

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