Most Popular Colors in Fashion

Changing Fashion Trends

Fashion trends as a whole tend to change as quickly as one changes clothes for each new day, either bringing old styles back or creating infinitely new possibilities. These trends are usually separated by the type of clothing, the current shape, and colors. The colors presented for each year and even each season are essential to fashion, as it reflects the bold or muted representation of the designers themselves. Color gives these designs life, whether it is for a cool winter of more neutral tones or a breezy springtime that incorporates many floral tones. These trends have also shifted between the intensity of the colors as a whole, whether one year it is more pale tones and another it’s flashy or neon. For those interested in the fashion scene, and staying up to date with it’s changing trends, it’s important to be aware of what is coming or going as popular or “in”. As far as for this year, 2018, the trends seem to be a mix of floral and muted, or pastel colors.

Top Fashion Colors

The top colors so far are lavender, rose, sky blue, violet, pale green and olive, and yellow. So if you are on the fence about what color to wear, you can look to the top Designers.These colors are currently being utilized by brands such as Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Fenty and Gucci, as well as others. As mentioned, these colors represent muted or pastel florals and this has been a rising trend since the end of last year with them being on all styles of clothes in many stores throughout. There is something to be said about this color hue, that it represents coolness and softness. It can also be very reminiscent of more feminine style. Now, this trend, although flourishing as of late, has also had popularity in the past. The earliest point of history was in the 18th century with the influential women of France wearing these pastel colors as a statement. This color trend was actually given a name originally, Rococo, and represented light, happiness and optimism. It has even been said that it facilitates feelings of calmness and serenity, as was needed during the Great Depression era.

Style Changes Continued

This style again emerged much later in 1980’s Miami, where the Art Deco district became a hub for the pastel colors. This also influenced the style of men’s clothing as well, as they also enjoyed the pastel blues, pinks and white. And it still persists now, about thirty years later, with two pastel colors having been named the Color of the Year by Pantone. These fashion colors included Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, which is reminiscent of a sky blue. They were even combined to create one whole new pastel color to become a focal point in fashion. Now, with this spring season upon us, we will most likely see more of these color hues being implemented in all parts of the fashion world. Expect to see many more clothes, whether casual or professional, as well as in home decor and furnishings. It is a trend that will most likely persist even into the future, or maybe just for springtime.