Top Rated Handbags and Purses in my Opinion

Louis Vuitton is my Favorite Handbag!

Let’s face it, ladies—we like to be prepared when we go out. So even if we complain about the lack of pockets or depth in said pockets, if we were given the pockets we so covet, we would still decide to bring a bag with us. Just in case! For all the different types of women out there, there is a handbag perfect for the specific items she deems to be of great necessity. We all hope that our dream bags would be within our comfortable price points, but when it comes to designer goods, that is unfortunately not usually the case (unless you are financially blessed, obviously). It is still nice to dream of owning the “Perfect Bag,” so which designer brands have the biggest presence in the handbag arena?

Other Top Designer Bags

Chanel has everything designer covered. If you can wear it, they can make it—and they can make it with style. Clothing, jewelry, watches, perfume, make up, sunglasses, you name it. The brand’s handbags especially are a product of great interest to anyone wishing to own a designer product. Some have a classic simplicity to them while others look out of this world, ethereal or even futuristic. The prices have a vast range as well, though most people should expect to spend up in the thousands of US dollars to purchase one of these iconic bags. On their website, some even state that a request for the price has to be made before the item can be purchased, showing that not just anyone can click “buy” on a designer Chanel handbag.


Next on the list is Prada, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Prada’s association with designer handbags is well known in the high fashion industry and community. Prada designer handbags tend to stick with the classic and modern styles well known by many, but the colors and patterns and material used can differ widely. Some handbags are sleek, some fuzzy, and some rough-textured—there’s a little something for everyone. The prices, however, may not be. The average price for these designer bags tend to be in the mid thousands of dollars, though one on their website almost managed to top 20k USD at $17,600. If you are planning on purchasing one of these bags willy-nilly, then you may want to invest in a financial planner first.


Finally, My Favorite of all, Louis

Louis Vuitton is another designer brand known for their handbags, but they may just take the cake in this category. Not only is the price point of these bags hard to believe, so are some of the designs. Louis Vuitton’s designer bags don’t follow a set style or theme—some are modern, classic, bubble-gummy for a youthful touch, and even out of this world unreal. Some look like bags from a cyberpunk Middle Ages, and some are futuristic in a pristine, sleek white material. The prices, however, may keep one from impulse buying any of these handbags. With some hitting 35k USD, you may want to save up a bit before buying a piece of the Louis Vuitton designer brand.

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