The Continuous Rise of Designer Fashion Jeans

Designer fashion was whelmed during the end of the 17th century. It was only worn by the privileged and the elite classes. It is a means to tell the world about their standing in life and show off their affluence to their contemporaries. The elite went for styles that come with exaggerated features. Clothing was often made from expensive fabrics of that time like lace and silk.

The lower classes admired such creations though, and they sought out to copy what the elite wore. However, this only annoyed the privileged class so, in order to distance themselves from the lower class, they changed their styles frequently. They went for clothing designers who are capable of creating unique items. Thus, designer fashion was made. Designer fashion is not limited to frocks and suits at this time. Even regular jeans are given the high-end designer treatment.

The Story of the Humble Jean

Jeans were not considered fashionable until after 100 years. Back then, denim jeans were worn on top of clothing to safeguard them. It was considered a uniform of the working class. To further protect their work wear, they turned to wearing sturdy denim jeans. Cowboys often used this type of pants due to its durability. Because cowboys in movies often wore them, many loved the look and decided to sport them as well. The use of denim jeans then became a trend and turned into a fashionable piece.

In the 50s, wearing denim jeans signified rebellion especially for the youth. It became a staple for teens due to its functionality and rugged look. Denim jeans became a hit for youth culture, and lots of boys and girls began wearing them regularly.

Denim jeans even became more popular in the 60s during the height of the hippies and the counterculture. Because the sales of such items are at an all-time high, high-end brands knew something was lacking in the business. The creativity they have applied on their fashion creations were then put on the humble denim jeans. Designer jeans became regular sightings in boutiques and department stores.

Designer Jeans in this Day and Age

There are plenty of designer brands these days that produce their own line of jeans. You have old guards like Calvin Klein. Designers like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani also invested on the item and frequently design jeans for both men and women. These designer jeans are now in competition with regulars in the denim jean industry like Levi’s and the Gap.

Styles and prices for designer jeans differ between brands. You can purchase them online or drop by boutiques. Designer jeans often come with impeccable construction, great fit and excellent materials. They also last for a good while.

If you want designer jeans for cheap, you can watch out for seasonal sales. You can also get good discounts on some online retailers and shops. All you need is some research and check out several stores. The great thing about denim jeans is they never go out of style. It is a classic piece that you can wear anytime, regardless of what trends are hot at the moment.



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