The Significance of LV Bags

One of the most well-known fashion houses in the world today is Louis Vuitton. In the beginning, the brand only made luggage made with high-quality pure leather but through the years, the label slowly expanded its lineup of products and has now become a bona fide fashion house by including clothing, accessories, jewelry and footwear on their line.

Louis Vuitton handbags are coveted throughout the world. If you own one, it means you have refined taste in bags. The bags made by the brand have superior aesthetics, durable, displays great craftsmanship and prime materials and come in designs that have a timeless feel. It is a not a wonder why people invest on LV bags.

High-Quality Bags

Lots of people want to get more information about LV handbags. The label designs and produces a good range of bags from the aforementioned handbags, shoulder bags and even waist bags. The bags complement both men and women. You can find these bags in the label’s official stores and luxury houses. The leather and other materials used on the items all have impressive quality that lasts for years.

The bags are not only waterproof; they are fireproof too. In the business, it can be hard looking for a bag that has those qualities. However, Louis Vuitton managed to do just that—even though it comes with a higher price than normal, you will be guaranteed that the bag will stay in top form due to its materials, quality and workmanship.

The Problems of Counterfeiting

Because LV products are so popular, it has caught the eye of counterfeiters. To this day, you will see plenty of fake LV handbags in the market, sold by dubious sellers. Due to advanced technology, making counterfeits has become more sophisticated too that it can be hard to tell which among the lot are the genuine ones. Only ones with an expert eye can tell the authentic from the fake.

There are some clues though wherein you can determine a bag is a fake. For one, bags from the company come with fixed prices. Shop owners never reduce their prices. Another clue would have to be the appearance of the bag. The leather smell of the bag is significant in original ones while the fakes do not come with them.

In terms of the stitching and lining, the lining from genuine LV bags are flexible and made with canvas, not suede. Furthermore, customers have to check the symmetry of the monogram prints. If the monogram print is not even, then chances are the bag is fake.

LV bags are something you can wear over and over again despite new trends cropping up each season. These trends come and go but an LV bag will remain in your radar forever due to its classic design. This is the reason why many opt to purchase high-end pieces with a timeless appeal compared to pieces that are only hot for a particular season. With Louis Vuitton, you are not only guaranteed with high quality items, but pieces that are capable of standing the test of time.

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