Top Designer Sunglasses to Choose From

Not Your Common Sunglasses

One of the most useful and commonly used fashion accessories (besides watches, which are being challenged by the usage of smartphone clocks) are sunglasses. Unless physically unable, at some point you will have to leave your house and may have to deal with that pesky fireball in the sky. It is hard for many people to make their commute elsewhere when the sun’s rays are in one’s eyes—thus, necessity created sunglasses. What is also great about this accessory is that it is very customizable, even to the point where they can be a luxury item. Designer sunglasses vary in designs and price points—here are a few brands that claim the top spots for their luxurious take on this accessory.


Prada is a top designer brand known for the accessories it makes. Handbags tend to be the top product that this designer brand produces, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also make other luxury goods such as watches, clothing, or sunglasses. Their sunglasses look just as fancy as their prices also dictate. The styles exude designer fashion, with some sporting a classic look and others appearing either uniquely retro or even Tron-like. The price point of these sunglasses tends to stay in the mid hundreds in US dollars, which is a hefty amount to most shoppers. However, the style of these glasses may be worth it to those truly in love with this designer brand.


No article on sunglasses is complete without mentions Ray Bans. Though this designer brand doesn’t quite meet the price range of those seen in Prada’s line-up, it makes up for it in the fame behind its brand. Unlike Prada, which produces a variety of accessories, Ray Bans exclusively works with glasses and sunglasses, ensuring that knowledge and expertise go into the making of their product. Ray Bans also have a few lines of signature styles that make this designer brand easy to point out or spot on people just walking down the street. For less than $200, most of the glasses on the Ray Bans site can be purchased, so the dream isn’t lost to those trying to shop designer on a budget.


Now, if you have a bit more money to spend or are just looking to break the bank, try checking out Louis Vuitton’s lineup of sunglasses. Whereas the average price of Ray Bans and Prada’s designer sunglasses were a bit below $500, Louis Vuitton’s average sits higher around $700. The most expensive pairs that can be purchased on their website breaks the $1,000 range, putting these sunglasses at a different level of luxury. The designs tend to show off the Louis Vuitton logo and mostly stay in a classic style, however there are also a handful of the sunglasses that break the mold on the average look of this accessory.


Thankfully, there are designer sunglasses available at any price point, making the choice for the masses easier and based on their own financial comfort… or how badly they want their pair, no matter the price.

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